Doug MacMillan - About

I bring a wide ranging skill set to the table and my varied background shows that I am a quick thinker, able to manage multiple concurrent projects, and provide high-quality, on-time results. My skills stem from a varied work/life set of experiences, where thinking on one’s feet and maintaining diverse relationships develops a strong foundation from which to tackle new challenges.

What you’d likely learn from my references:

  • Retired Professor of Botany (pollen biology and genetics):
    • Perfect mind for tossing ideas about – organized brown-bag lunches to bring in all the various geneticists on campus to share their research and periodical readings.
    • Extremely hard worker – running tightly-timed pollen experiments that required many off-hours attention for gathering data.
    • Good editor – copy edited both grant proposals and submitted papers for publication.
  • Retired HPE engineering manager (SAN Interoperability lab):
    • Ability and willingness to meet very difficult release deadlines - often working through weekends to accommodate - the SAN Design Guide absolutely had to be up to date upon major releases because his lab was responsible to ensure a multitude of interacting software and hardware versions were correctly documented for compatibility.
    • Was able to help him take an extremely dense and dry reference guide to a user-friendly and easily scannable volume that customers and field service engineers came to rely upon.
  • Recent co-worker at latest job (also worked with/for me for several years at HP as a contractor):
    • Strong communicator among diverse personalities - setting her goals and working with the engineering and program teams she was up against to ensure reasonable expectations.
    • Empathetic and able to truly understand her workload - as I added more work.
    • Provided a strong vision and input for the team’s new directions (moving to XML/CMS at HP and moving to a Top-Nav Flare template at DI) - able to document the internal policies and procedures, train users, and run bug-tracking systems as the user advocate.
  • Most recent manager:
    • Provided an energetic attitude towards the modernization of existing legacy doc sets as well as introducing a set of policies and procedures, including a style guide, procedures for switching to Flare, and peer editing.
    • Helped bring in new junior staff (from a continued relationship to the UMass PWTC program) and one senior writer (from an active network of tech writers) who became our Flare administrator - even got them to hire a part-time editor.
    • Reliable - regularly sending work-related email during pre- and post-work hours.

Some prospective employers have expressed concern for how far away I live from their facilities. I can allay any concerns about my ability to commute to an Eastern Mass job from Western Mass. As my resume shows, I’ve been commuting across the state for several jobs over the last 20+ years. I am a highly developed, non-touring jazz researcher/musician and have active relationships with professors at Berklee College of Music that I regularly visit and overnight with while attending evening music education/performance events. In addition, I have friends and family on the North Shore with whom I have often done overnight stays to help accommodate my work schedules.