Writing Samples

Dimensional Insight Workbench Topic Samples (2014-2019)

These samples are on a live website for an IDE (integrated development environment). They were produced using MadCap Flare and Capture, using a TortoiseSVN source control repository. The samples listed are topics that I created to support new features.

Dimensional Insight Training Samples (2014-2019)

These samples were produced using MadCap Flare (single-sourced from the help).

HP PDF Samples (2001-2012)

These samples were produced using PTC Arbortext Editor (XML content based on customized DocBook XSL stylesheets) using a Vasont CMS (content management system) repository.

  • HP SAN Design Reference Guide
    A 71-page section of conceptual reference work (PDF pages 10-28 Chapter 2 SAN fabric topologies has examples of artist-generated graphics that I had created with input from my main engineer).
  • HP_Storage_System_Scripting_Utility
    CLI (command-line interface) reference guide—created from scratch working with one remote SME.

Lightbridge Award-Winning Quick Reference Card (1998)

  • Lightbridge Quick Reference Card
    This sample was produced when I was a freshman writer. I set out to solve the specific problem of guiding retail users on the use of a credit decision software check for buying and activating cell phones. The card was co-created with a local design firm and won two awards from the Society of Technical Communication (Distinction—Boston chapter and Excellence—International).